Hängehaus am Aegi, Hannover

The Project

The gatehouse on the Aegidientorplatz is a one-of-a-kind building with bold architecture: a symbol of high quality and the pinnacle of construction skill.


Pushed out into space, the narrow, exceptionally, and uniquely designed building forms a gateway that connects the city’s downtown with its south side. The property is of absolute premium class and is the new signature feature in this central square.


The special construction consists of five large trusses that rest as balance girders on five very slender compression columns, which are 22-meters long and have a diameter of 50.8 cm. The slender compression flanges of the truss and the slender columns are what make up our signature Geilinger-Column®. At the front side, the building is suspended by tension supports from the balance girders. The supporting girders inside the building are slender steel composite beams with a low construction height, spanning the space between the tension supports and compression columns.


No structure illustrates the utilization of our current level of versatility and expertise as does the bold and unique Hängehaus.