The Geilinger-Mini® projects the benefits of Geilinger-Column® on minimal column cross-sections and still has a fire resistance up to R60 on, making it ideal in housing (Building Class 4*) use.


The Geilinger-Mini® column and the Quick-Beam work alone or as joint partners for slender construction in residential building projects.


The advantages of Geilinger-Mini® at a glance:

  • Minimum dimensions of 100 to 150 mm for square columns, or 101.6 to 152.4 mm for round columns
  • Fire resistant up to R60
  • Smooth and shock-resistant steel surface with high aesthetics
  • Fast pre-assembled delivery (factory pre-filled with concrete)
  • Suitable for any construction site
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Structural design approval of DIBt (German Institute for Structural Engineering)


Also check out our new product, the Quick-Beam.


*Residential Building Class 4:

Building height ≤ 13 m and utilization units ≤ 400 m³

The use of Geilinger-Mini® in standard levels of buildings is possible since the fire protection requirement for these floors is a high fire resistance of R60. For basement levels, the use of the Geilinger-Mini® is not possible because the fire protection requirement for these floors is a fire resistance of R90. However, our Geilinger-Column® F90, with diameters of 159 mm (round) or 160 mm (square), could be used for these basement levels.

(Definitions according to the German Model Building Code (MBO) of 2002)


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