The Geilinger-Column® is a high load bearing composite column that combines bearing capacity, slenderness, and fire resistance more than any other composite product.
The Geilinger-Column® is the original approved by the Building Authority and the standard setter.

Brief description

The Geilinger-Column® consists of a concrete-filled steel casing with a central steel core and offers ideal support solutions through the innovative combination of strengths of its components. In case of fire, the concrete protects the inner steel core against excessive heating so that the support has the required load-bearing capacity even under high temperatures.


spannverbund supplies the construction site with the hollow steel casing and steel core all in one piece. After these components are placed in its definitive position, the area between the casing and the steel core is filled with concrete. The installation and filling processes do not require specialized training and can be cost-effectively executed by any concrete construction firm. Thanks to the patented plug-in connection, this simple, modular system offers possibilities with all kinds of adapters for flat slabs, any concrete and steel components, or branching possibilities to resolve a support in one or more V-supports.


 The only restrictions on this product are the limits of the imagination!


The Geilinger-Column® can be combined with the Europilz® in multi-level construction, which makes the punching shear independent of the support diameter.


The Geilinger-Column® is characterized by:

  • Highest load capacity with minimal dimensions (slender columns)
  • High fire resistance ratings of R90, R120 and higher
  • DIBT technical approval
  • Simple installation and quick construction process
  • Ideal suitability for concrete construction sites (no steel construction work needed)
  • Modular construction system with adapters for "Everything"
  • Availability of any geometry (diagonal supports, V-supports, etc.)
  • Attractive, smooth, shock-resistant, and dust-free steel surface
  • Custom array of colors


After being installed and filled with concrete, the Geilinger-Column® only needs a finishing coat of paint"



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