In use, you will never see a Europilz® directly because it is a hidden reinforcement of the concrete slab in a support point. The Europilz® solves your punching problems. The Europilz® assumes a part of the support moment, reducing the amount of reinforcement needed. Of course, the Europilz® has technical approval and meets the fire resistance requirements of R120 and beyond.

Brief Description

The Europilz® was developed for use with Geilinger-Stütze®, in order to dissociate punching problems from column diameters. This was solved so perfectly that the Europilz® can be combined with any kind of column today, whether composite column, steel column, concrete column, or spun concrete column.


If you want to provide ceiling breakthroughs in the punching areas, the Europilz® is your partner, since breakthroughs of up to one third of the width of the Europilz® can be placed inside of it without affecting the load-bearing capacity.


 In combination with shear reinforcement or studrails, the maximum punching resistance is possible.


Vorbemessungstabellen für Innenpilze


Pre-dimensioning tables for interior Europilz®

For concrete grades from C20 to C55

Download (988.5 KiB)

Vorbemessungstabellen für Randpilze

Pre-dimensioning tables for edge Europilz®


For concrete grades from C20 to C55

Download (619.4 KiB)

Vorbemessungstabellen für Eckpilze

Pre-dimensioning tables for corner Europilz®

For a preliminary measurement, use the 0.5-fold value of the edge Europilz®.

For concrete grades from C20 to C55

Download (615.6 KiB)



Pre-dimension Europilz® Online

Conduct a preliminary calculation with our Online Pre-dimensioning program for centric loaded columns. For columns with bending components and other geometric boundary conditions, please contact our Technical Department.

Online Pre-dimensioning program

 All the benefits of Europilz® at a glance:

  • Solves punching problems without local slab thickening.
  • Allows a reduction of slab reinforcement.
  • Features a simple reinforcement layout: The upper reinforcement runs unhindered across the Europilz®; the lower reinforcement ends on the bottom flanges of the edge beams.
  • Is available for use in interior, edge, and corner supports, as well as on wall ends and wall corners.
  • Allows for breakthroughs in the immediate vicinity of the columns.
  • Can be combined with shear reinforcement and studrails to further increase the punching resistance.
  • Features functional separation of slab and support: The column diameter is no longer relevant for the punching shear verification and can thus be reduced to a minimum, therefore, the Europilz® is the ideal complement to Geilinger-Stütze®.
  • Can be used without restrictions with any columns, such as composite columns, steel columns, concrete columns, and spun-concrete columns
  • Is very simple to install.
  • Has a high fire-resistance of R90, R120, and more.
  • Has technical approval of DIBt* (Z-151st.-234).

* DIBt: Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for Structural Engineering)


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