We are not only manufacturers and distributers of products, but are also detail-oriented, reliable engineers who like to break new ground.

Brief description

Finding easily constructible solutions to problems is a hallmark of our company. Do not hesitate to contact us with your building needs and concerns, including for example, the following:

  • The columns of your buildings are not one on top of the other, but have a relatively large offset.
  • Your FE system is showing a high load located at a wall corner or a wall end.
  • The storey ceilings of your building should rest on core walls, allowing longitudinal displacements.
  • You need ceiling slots for fire walls placed exactly into punching areas.
  • Your available, arbitrarily-shaped cross-section of concrete is not sufficient to accommodate the existing loads.
  • You need to design facade columns that are rather thin and 'spaghetti-like' and wave in the wind without additional damping.
  • Your have breaches or openings in girders which are so great that there is not much left of the girder structures.
  • A 300-ton truss must be field-assembled with a 10-ton crane.
  • Your planned column should be curved, like a banana.
  • A diameter of 2.0 m for a 2-storey column under an unfactored normal force Nk = 200,000 kN is not acceptable for the building owner.


Ask us, and we will give you peace of mind as you plan your projects.

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