Composite Columns

Just like our composite beams, these composite columns combine structural steel, concrete, and reinforcing steel in an ideal way.
In addition to its load-bearing function in the composite section, the concrete protects the encased steel section against excessive heat in case of fire.

Brief description

Composite columns therefore allow for high loads supported by tall yet slender columns that are also fire-resistant. Their compact diameter thus provides the luxury of additional rentable space for more important things.

The prefabrication supported with corresponding planning ensures a fast construction process.


Composite columns are available in these standards variants:

  • Composite columns with concrete encased sections
  • Composite columns with concrete filled steel hollow sections
  • Composite columns with partially encased sections


or as the highest load-bearing option:

  • Geilinger-Stütze®  with technical approval


 Composite columns are slender columns that create free space. High load-bearing capacities are finally available in tall column heights with small diameters!!


Composite column cross-sections:


All the advantages of composite columns at a glance:

  • High load-bearing capacity
  • High fire resistance
  • Simple installation
  • Availability of any geometry
  • Slender design


In addition to these composite columns, we would also like to refer you to our other special products.

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