Composite Beams

Composite structures ideally combine the strengths of steel and concrete. With the use of composite construction, heavy load-bearing, slender, and fire-resistant structures can be realized. Additionally, due to the high grade of prefabrication, very short construction times are possible through the right planning.

Brief description

There is a specific composite beam available for every construction situation:

  • Composite beams with section encased in concrete (fire protection included)
  • Composite beam with section partially encased in concrete (fire protection included)
  • Composite beam with visible steel section (fire protection boards, intumescent coating, or spray are necessary)


Composite beams are ideal for supporting high loads as well as for spanning large distances.


Pictures 7 and 8 of our exemplary composite beam cross sections are similar to double composite beams (such as our spannverbund girders), although the concrete base is located in normal beams without prestressing in the tension area, serving constructive and especially fire protection requirements.

All the advantages of composite beams at a glance:

  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Large spans
  • Low deformation
  • Low construction heights
  • Low own weight


In addition to these composite beams, we would also like to refer you to our other special products.

Vibration Damped Composite Girders spannverbund-Girders


Pre-dimensioning tables for Composite Beams

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