C140-Diamond spun-concrete columns

Columns made of spun concrete decisively determine the character of a building and are an integral part of modern architecture. With the C140 Diamond Column, construction possibilities are limitless.


These columns feature concurrent high load bearing capacity and slender cross sections, resulting in a transparent and light appearance while providing significant structural support. Thanks to the spun concrete technology, the use of space can be conceptualized flexibly, multifunctionally and independent of the structure of the building.

Brief description

Due to the high compaction during the centrifugal casting process, these columns can take on immense loads. No other concrete column offers this much operational flexibility and gives this much architectural freedom. With this ideal combination of creative elegance and high capacity, your construction projects will be realized as architectural masterpieces.


The spun-concrete method was created through intensive research, and satisfies the most important conditions brought forth by architects and planners: small diameters, special cross sections, and custom surfaces with simultaneously high load-bearing capacities. These columns made of ultra high-strength concrete can create light-filled atriums, wide spaces, and imposing facades.

The outstanding properties of the C140 Diamond Column:

  • High load-carrying capacity
  • Fair-faced concrete quality
  • Fireproof up to R120
  • Conserves resources
  • Slender design


C140-Diamond spun-concrete column online pre-dimensioning

Take advantage of a preliminary study with our online pre-dimensioning service for centrically-loaded columns. For columns with bending moments and other geometric boundary conditions, please contact our Technical Department.

Online Pre-dimensioning program


Pre-dimensioning table for C140 Diamond spun-concrete columns

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Our Technical Department is standing by to assist you in finding optimal solutions tailored to your specific needs and issues.

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Professional Cooperation with Europoles

The company Europoles manufactures spun-concrete poles and spun-concrete columns. spannverbund has previously collaborated with Europoles, through the delivery of shearheads (the Europilz® system) to Europoles, when required for spun-concrete columns with punching problems.

Recently, spannverbund and Europoles have again teamed together in the realm of column manufacturing. Under this new partnership, the two companies launched the C140 Diamond Columns, high-quality spun concrete columns, which, with the ultra-high strength concrete of C140, offer a higher load capacity than existing concrete columns of the same diameter. The excellent properties of these columns complement the product range of spannverbund perfectly.


What can planners expect from spannverbund? If you put value in both a high-quality steel surface, as well as a perfect concrete surface, spannverbund now also proudly presents the C140 Diamond spun-concrete column with a concrete surface. Two high-tech column options covering the entire spectrum of construction are now available from a single source. These can, for example (but not exclusively), be utilized in high-rise projects from support dimensions of approximately Ø35 cm, for which Geilinger-Stützen are used for heavy load bearing on the lower floors, and the spun-concrete columns are used on the upper levels. Choosing spannverbund to supply the products for your next project not only provides the necessary structures for the transition between the two systems, but also proves advantageous for the structural engineer, as solutions are available from a single source.


Being at the forefront of structural design, we are able to advise you in selecting the most suitable column system. Through studies of variants in terms of cost/benefit optimization of column systems and their connections, design and technical synergies can be developed.

We are here to advise you, as always, through all phases, from concept inception to the final inspection of the finished project.


  • Advice
  • Pre-dimensioning
  • Study of alternatives for columns
  • Consideration of connection points with the concrete structure
  • Solutions for punching problems
  • Price estimates
  • Tailor-made tender documents



  • Verifiable static calculations
  • Creation of production drawings


Product Handling

Our combined expertise in slender column construction and the solution of punching problems, as well as our experience of complex junction points, are ready and available to you for the full range of slender columns.